Confluera XDR adds MDR services to your portfolio with minimal staff training
Turn your existing staff into incident responders and threat hunters

Typical MSSP programs are not geared towards detecting and responding to advanced threats, hence their staff is also not specialized in detection and response services. With Confluera XDR, your staff doesn't need an enormous amount of training on incident investigations. Our automated incident investigations take away the need for highly specialized skills and staff training to become an MDR.

Improve margins by reducing human efforts

With Confluera XDR, your security teams gain real-time insights much beyond correlated events in SIEM. They don't need to prioritize alerts and perform cumbersome root cause analysis, and establish the timelines of an attack, be it targeted threats, ransomware, or malicious insiders. The Confluera XDR's autonomous investigation engine saves 90% of the human effort from your incident response team, thereby increasing their productivity, and your margins.

Increase coverage by autonomously analyzing every single alert

As much as 90% of alerts today are discarded because its humanly impossible to handle the volumes. Typical low/medium severity alerts are overlooked, which is what the stealthy attackers take advantage of in their low and slow campaigns. With Confluera XDR, your teams get to see the complete attack narratives (alert sequences) in real-time, irrespective of the severity and volume, so there is no chance of missing even low severity detections.