Cube Interview with John W. Thompson

Gautam Agrawal
VP Of Products

In this Cube Conversation, join John W. Thompson, Microsoft Chairman, and co-founder and Confluera CEO, Abhijit Ghosh, as they discuss their entry into the cybersecurity space. They also dive into the company’s plans for the future and how the Confluera platform changes the cybersecurity paradigm.

What I believe the company is really trying to accomplish is a shift from real-time detection to real-time prevention, and what we tend to do in the security space is segment and isolate problem after problem after problem—and therefore to aggregate a view of what’s going on in the enterprise across all of those stacks is never easy,” Thompson said. “It’s OK if you want to do post-event incident response, but if you want to do real-time detection and prevention…that’s got to have a layer that is much different than what has evolved in the security space over the last five or 10 years.

Discussing broader security issues, Ghosh explained that, “today the attack surface is really large, so there are many ways of getting in, but once they get in, it’s really about that progression…from that initial foothold to the final target.”

Ghosh went on to explain further, “It’s the process of privilege escalation, lateral movement creating more ingress points to get in so when that progression happens, the manifestation is separated in time. It appears on different machines and there is nothing deterministic out there to put all of that together.”

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