Faster Cyberattack Detection. Safer Cloud.

Intercept zero-day, and insider attacks.

Automate investigations across workload, control plane,
and data plane layers of the cloud.
The Best Results in
Cloud Cyberattack Detection


Discover attacker presence early and shut down the attack before the damage is done


Focus on a handful of attack incidents instead of triaging thousands of alerts


Recoup your costs for alert triage, incident analysis and post-breach clean-up
How Does Confluera Intercept Cyberattacks Faster
If you can't see the attack, you can't stop the attack. Because Cloud is a complex, fast paced and fragmented security environment, hackers have many places to hide.

Confluera has created a faster and more accurate way to identify and intercept cyberattacks that are already in progress.
1. Track Every Movement Across Your Cloud Infrastructure

Is the suspicious S3 bucket access related to a zero day vulnerability on another container? Current detection and response tools lack the context to keep up with the pace and complexity of cloud environments.

  • Go beyond traditional observability.
  • Connect the dots between users, processes, IAM roles, and control plane resources.
  • Follow every actor’s every move in your multi-cloud/hybrid environment.
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2. Reduce the Noise to Focus on Attacks, not Alerts

How many hours does it take to interpret thousands of alerts, one at a time? It gets even worse in a multi-cloud environment with siloed security tools.

  • Reduce alerts 98%. Skip individual alerts. Confluera’s Continuous Attack Graph distills thousands of alerts into a handful of Attack Storyboards.
  • Reduce false positives. Evaluate suspicious activity by the sum total of each user and entity’s activity trail across the infrastructure.
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3. Respond Faster with Automated Investigation

How quickly could you respond to an attack if you had a complete timeline analysis within seconds?

  • Accelerate attack response 10x with real-time attack visualization.
  • Speed up investigation with complete timeline analysis combining threat detections, 3rd party signals and privileged activities.
  • Intercept attackers rapidly with in-context response actions.
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4. Factor in Vulnerabilities Identified by Shift Left & CSPM tools

Shift left and CSPM tools are great at pointing out vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, but how do you prioritize what’s important for cloud security?

  • Integrate vulnerability and configuration risk intelligence with runtime monitoring into one connected cloud investigation.
  • Improve SecOps effectiveness - Prioritize investigation for suspicious activities on the most vulnerable workloads and services.
  • Improve DevOps effectiveness - Focus on config and code risks that are most exposed at run-time.
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Validated Against
Real-World Cloud Attacks
Access Confluera Cloud Security blog articles and other resources to help you identify and intercept cyberattacks faster.
Cloud Native
Zero Day
Supply Chain
Powered by
Continuous Attack Graph
Confluera’s patented Continuous Attack Graph automates the painstaking work of incident investigation and detects more attacks faster.
Collect workload, serverless and control plane telemetry from across the hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.
Connect the events into deterministic sequences (trails) which independently tracks all actors in your infrastructure before alerts have started.
Combine security signals from Confluera detections and third-party sources. Analyze anomalies(behavioral and ML criteria) to detect a broad spectrum of TTPs across workloads. Rank the threat by applying risk score.
Eliminate false positives. Prioritize a handful of high risk trails instead of 1000’s of alerts. Review how the attack started and what it is doing in real-time.  Utilize the response recommendations in context with the trail timeline events across the cloud infrastructure.
Confluera Cyberattack “Storyboard”
Confluera attack storyboard reduces the investigation time by 10x and removes the noise by up to 98%. The chain of the attack has response recommendations in context and in real time.
Precise response actions block.
Container to host and host to Container movement
All workloads impacted during the attack
Where and when the attack started
Lateral movement tracking
Detections from third-party sources
CxDR Platform
(Cloud eXtended Detection and Response)
The Confluera CxDR platform is built to deliver deep cloud observability, the fastest attack detection and the most accurate incident investigation. Discover the attack in real-time, as it’s occurring, so you can stop it.
Cloud Native Observability

Discover and monitor Cloud infrastructure and workloads with deep visibility.
Cloud Native Detection & Response
Track TTPs to detect cloud native attacks across workloads, control plane, and data plane.
Focused XDR

Combine & contextualize cloud signals to detect the stealthiest of attacks.  Integrated signals from SIEMs, CWP’s, EDR’s, CSPM’s, and more.
Automated Storyboard

Verify cloud native attack paths in real-time showing lateral movement, container escapes, low-and-slow tactics, identity changes and global attack spread.