XDR Defined

Some assert that XDR is all about aggregating events from multiple tools. We think an XDR makes sense of everything happening in your environment, tells you what is happening and automatically blocks the bad stuff. It boils down to six critical characteristics of a true XDR.

XDR must deterministically combine individual findings with causal sequencing of all events across the infrastructure to understand the precise attack progression in real-time, eliminating guesswork.


XDR must have granular visibility into malicious behavior across hosts, networks, and third-party controls such that the full context of an attack can be created automatically.


XDR must detect sophisticated attackers using file-less attacks, zero-day exploits and living-off the land techniques to bypass traditional signature-based risk analysis.


XDR must be able to present the attack sequence in a chronological order, without the need to piece together individual tactics and techniques of a multi-stage campaign across the infrastructure.


XDR must act as a virtual analyst and precisely connect all attack steps in real-time to pinpoint the presence of an attacker and surgically respond in a proactive and autonomous manner.


XDR must work for anyone, regardless of their training or experience, so that every security analyst can focus on response as opposed to investigations.


Confluera XDR for Cloud Infrastructure

Gather Telemetry

Confluera sensor +
Third-party data

Baseline detection and response capabilities

Stitch Everything

Causal event sequencing

Build Attack Narratives

High fidelity attack narratives via MITRE execution-based threat signals and AI/ML

Gather Telemetry

Collect specialized event data for causal sequencing, and security signals from third-party sources.

Stitch Everything

Establish deterministic relationships between events regardless of time gap and where they occur.

Build Attack Narratives

Apply behavior and anomaly detections to automatically uncover attack sequences.

INTERCEPT Threats Autonomously



The Confluera Innovation

Confluera XDR automates cloud and data center infrastructure breach detection and response by sequencing attack steps along the kill chain, automatically identifying and preventing multi-stage attacks. Powered by the Continuous Threat Interception™ engine, Confluera XDR delivers precise attack narratives--not alerts--eliminating alert fatigue, lowering the cost of security operations and reducing risk. By leveraging the MITRE ATT&CK execution framework and the enterprise security ecosystem, Confluera XDR analyzes attacks by extracting execution-based threat signals to graphically stream attack events for automated attack visibility, risk mitigation and threat hunting.

The Confluera Platform



Improved Productivity

Accurately intercepts and surgically removes the attacker’s footprint.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Eliminate blind spots to see more attacks across your full spectrum of attack surfaces.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Shift from tactical alert triage to strategic risk management while streamlining security spend.