Incident response automation

Confluera enables rapid incident response with auto-generated recommendations and precise response capabilities to mitigate attacks in their tracks. Confluera’s threat storyboarding technology helps you focus on the essential and most effective set of remediation actions for any threat narrative.
Real-time recommendations for minimum MTTR

Threat progressions are real-time, and so are Confluera’s recommendations. You can now take action while the attack is in play. Confluera’s threat response allows you to mitigate progressions in their tracks and clean up all live entities, ingress, and egress points to prevent future reengagements from the adversary.

Context-sensitive and self-updating recommendations

Confluera automatically generates remediation recommendations based on the hosts, applications, processes, users, and network connections involved in each storyboard. Furthermore, Confluera’s Continuous Attack Graph technology keeps the attack graph constantly updated, displaying only the list of recommendations that applies to entities that are live and active at that time.

Precise Response Capabilities

There is a constant tradeoff between taking prompt remediation actions and the risk of disrupting business applications. Confluera enables precise remediation actions at the process, network connection, and file levels, which allows you to isolate your remediation actions while minimizing disruption to your production environment.

Integrates with existing incident response processes

Confluera provides an intuitive workflow to enable analysts to own cases, collaborate within a team, and take response action. Confluera also integrates with your incident management tools for incident data collection and response orchestration-with built-in support for ITSM and SOAR products and published REST APIs for custom integration use-cases.

Our Values. Their Words.

"None of the solutions in the market could detect breaches in real-time, and more importantly, remove them surgically. With Confluera, we are able to accurately detect and respond to breaches in real-time without impacting our business."

Sean Henry
Sr. MIS Manager

"We are focused on state-of-the-art technologies that can help us detect and thwart ongoing attacks. Confluera allows us to very easily deploy a unique solution that operationalizes our critical infrastructure security"

Richard Cannici
Leading Higher Education Provider

"Confluera helped to confirm that no indicators of compromises had been found and helped us generate a report detailing our security controls and response to the SolarWinds breach."

Intercept Threats. Before Damage.

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