Platform Capabilities

Protects workloads from file-less and live-of-the-land attacks
Holistically integrates security signals from the environment
Visualizes the cyber kill chain across workload infrastructure in real-time
Responds to multi-stage threats before they turn into breaches
Reduces threat hunting time from hours to minutes

How do our customers use the Confluera CxDR platform?

Real-time Threat Detection
Confluera combines behavioral and ML-powered anomaly analysis to detect a broad spectrum of suspicious workload behaviors in real-time. Confluera’s Continuous Attack Graph technology continuously connects the dots to surface ‘real’ threats moving through workloads, thereby eliminating the noise of isolated signals.
Run-time Container Security
Confluera delivers real-time threat detection and observability for container environments by combining behavioral detections and anomaly analysis to detect a broad spectrum of container exploits in real-time. Confluera’s unique ability to storyboard lateral movements between hosts and containers allows faster interception of run-time threats navigating across container environments.

Multi-Source Threat Integration
Unlike other XDR platforms that only integrate with their portfolio solutions, Confluera follows the best-of-breed approach, integrating detections and events from your security tool of choice. The resulting threat storyboards enable high confidence investigations with 360-degree context.
Incident Response Automation
Confluera enables rapid incident response with auto-generated recommendations and surgical steps to mitigate attacks in their tracks. Confluera’s Continuous Attack Graph technology is designed to help you focus on the minimum and most effective set of remediation actions for any intercepted threat narrative.
Proactive Threat Hunting
Confluera combines a real-time petabyte-scale analytics platform with the patented Continuous Attack Graph technology to not only enable proactive searches for IOC events but to also significantly reduce their investigation time by delivering continuously connected narratives.
Observability and Security Insights
Confluera’s observability platform provides SecOps teams continuous visibility into key security indicators and anomalous patterns on your server workloads across user activity, runtime behavior, privileged behavior, lateral movements, and network activity.

Platform Architecture

Platform Highlights
Open Architecture
Elastic Scale
Lightweight Sensors
Instant Deployment
API-based Integrations
SaaS | On-Prem | Hybrid

The Motivation: Average attacker dwell time is 279 days

Modern cyberthreats are multi-staged
Every attacker knows that, as an outsider, they must look like an insider. Tracking these low and slow attacks is about all making sense of weak signals.

Point solutions create siloed visibility
Isolated observations from siloed products create a deluge of false positives and important weak signals get lost in the noise.

The overall threat context is missing
Analysts don’t have a big picture view that combines all security signals from different points in time and different parts of the infrastructure.
Post-facto manual analysis can’t keep up
Analysts spend their time manually piecing together a jigsaw puzzle that is rearranged daily and miss 44% of alerts generated


Enables Certainty

Correlation is based on proximity and locality of events. Stealthy attackers are able to exploit these limitations. A bottoms up exhaustive causal relationship building between all activities leads to deterministic stitching of attack steps regardless of time gap, where in the infrastructure they occur, and the source of risk observation.Causality delivers deterministic tracking of Cyber Kill Chain to uncover completely arbitrary infrastructure-wide attack sequences in real-time. Most importantly, causality solves a key challenge faced by cybersecurity today: the inability to build the attack story. It changes the paradigm from reactive investigations to proactive interception of attacks.

Confluera XDR

Changes Paradigm

There is always a cause and effect relationship between all events happening across an enterprise infrastructure. Confluera is the only solution that brings the ability to track events and stitch them as deterministic sequences via cause and effect. As risky observations (behavior and anomaly based detections) are applied to these event sequences, the attack story starts to unfold itself in real-time. It is this ability that allows continuous and real-time threat interception, which otherwise would be post-facto manual investigations at best. Skill and resource intensive efforts to identify and remediate threats after-the-fact are infeasible and cannot be scaled to meet the challenges of modern cyberthreats.

Our Values. Their Words.

"None of the solutions in the market could detect breaches in real-time, and more importantly, remove them surgically. With Confluera, we are able to accurately detect and respond to breaches in real-time without impacting our business."

Sean Henry
Sr. MIS Manager

"We are focused on state-of-the-art technologies that can help us detect and thwart ongoing attacks. Confluera allows us to very easily deploy a unique solution that operationalizes our critical infrastructure security"

Richard Cannici
Leading Higher Education Provider

"Confluera helped to confirm that no indicators of compromises had been found and helped us generate a report detailing our security controls and response to the SolarWinds breach."

Intercept Threats. Before Damage.

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