Run-time Container Security

Confluera delivers real-time discovery, threat detection, and observability for container environments by combining behavioral detections and anomaly analysis to detect a broad spectrum of container exploits in real-time. Confluera’s unique ability to storyboard lateral movements between hosts and containers enables faster interception of run-time threats navigating across container environments.
Purpose-built integrations for the workload attack surface

Purpose-built integrations for the Cloud attack surface
Confluera XDR provides both push (syslog) and pull (REST, S3) based connector frameworks to ingest telemetry and results from security sources such as Cloud logs, ShiftLeft, CWPP, EDR, WAF, ALB, and Threat Intel feeds in real-time. Confluera also integrates with industry-leading response tools such as SOAR products and Incident management tools.

Threat Storyboarding with 360 context

Stop triaging detections one by one. Confluera stitches the full context of container, host, and network activity and detections into real-time storyboards, enabling comprehensive but quick analysis. You'll see the entire history of activity before and after any detection, across any number of containers or hosts, across any amount of time.

Seamless container cluster discovery

Comprehensively discover every Kubernetes cluster and their container workloads. Instantly analyze business applications at risk from vulnerable container images or active exploitation patterns.

Contextualize build time risk in runtime

Gain unprecedented visibility into how build-time vulnerabilities are surfacing in the production environment. SecOps teams not only see which containers are vulnerable but also get alerts if any attack progressions are targeting such containers.

10x reduction in alerts

Confluera’s Continuous Attack Graph technology uses a fundamentally new approach to threat monitoring. The SecOps team is alerted only when a combination of IOCs and weak signals form a cohesive chain of events indicating malicious intent. This drastically reduces the need for triaging individual detections or alerts. SecOps teams only need to analyze a small set of curated threat storyboards that are risk prioritized, to have full context, and tell a meaningful story.

Observability for container environments

Confluera distills rich event telemetry from containers and hosts into key actionable insights and security KPIs that span a wide range of use cases, including runtime behavior, user session tracking, lateral movements, privileged activity, north-south network activity, and manipulation of mission-critical assets.

Built-In Surgical Response Capabilities

Confluera enables rapid incident response with auto-generated recommendations and surgical response capabilities rather than disruptive big hammer approaches. You can now drive precise remediation actions at file, process, or network level on both containers and the host OS.

Intercept Threats. Before Damage.

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