Proactive threat hunting

Experience real-time threat where IOC searches and telemetry analysis is accurate to the minute. Confluera combines a petabyte-scale analytics platform with the patented Continuous Attack Graph technology to help you focus on connected narratives instead of individual events.
Hunt with deep system-level events

Confluera continuously gathers granular events on workloads spanning VM instances, containers, user, network, and authentication activity-enabling powerful searches for malware, IOCs, or hidden attackers.

Hunt for stories, not individual events

Searching for new threat intel, suspicious events, users, and assets should be the starting point for threat hunting. For any event, Confluera lets you go further to the storyboard of all other suspicious and benign activities to assess the full impact that happened in the context of that event. In other words, threat hunters only need to point to a thread, and Confluera will pull it and unravel the yarn for you.

Experience real-time threat hunting

When it comes to threat hunting, every second counts. Thanks to the petabyte-scale OLAP platform optimized for real-time hunting, each workload event is available for threat hunting within seconds.

Our Values. Their Words.

"None of the solutions in the market could detect breaches in real-time, and more importantly, remove them surgically. With Confluera, we are able to accurately detect and respond to breaches in real-time without impacting our business."

Sean Henry
Sr. MIS Manager

"We are focused on state-of-the-art technologies that can help us detect and thwart ongoing attacks. Confluera allows us to very easily deploy a unique solution that operationalizes our critical infrastructure security"

Richard Cannici
Leading Higher Education Provider

"Confluera helped to confirm that no indicators of compromises had been found and helped us generate a report detailing our security controls and response to the SolarWinds breach."

Intercept Threats. Before Damage.

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