Multi-Source Threat Contextualization

Unlike other XDR platforms that only integrate with their portfolio solutions, Confluera follows the best-of-breed approach, integrating detections and events from your security tool of choice. The resulting threat storyboards enable high confidence investigations with 360-degree context.
A single storyboard stitched across your security controls

Attacker activities, both malicious and benign, manifest themselves from different vantage points. To spot an attack, security teams must have a wide-angle view of the infrastructure. The more you can see, the better equipped you are to intercept bad actors.

Confluera’s XDR engine integrates detections and telemetry from threat intelligence feeds and other security tools into its threat storyboards, enabling high confidence threat detection and speeding up investigations.

Amplify weak signals from low and slow attacks

Even seemingly benign detections matter when detecting attackers using living off the land techniques to perform discovery, reconnaissance, and lateral movements. But most of these weak but critical detections get lost in the haystack.

Confluera’s Continuous Attack Graph technology constantly stitches every signal from different tools and escalates the threat storyboard when a combination of weak signals indicates a malicious pattern.

Speed up investigations

Analysts spend most of their investigation efforts identifying related events across multiple tools and constructing the timeline. Confluera accelerates this investigation process by connecting the events across various tools and automatically surfacing storyboards worth investigating further. Organizations typically experience a 90% reduction in investigation time with Confluera.

Purpose-built integrations for the workload attack surface

Confluera XDR provides both push (syslog) and pull (REST, S3) based connector frameworks to ingest telemetry and results from security sources such as EDR, CWPP, Firewall, WAF, ALB, Cloud logs, and Threat Intel feeds in real-time. Confluera also integrates with industry-leading response tools such as SOAR products and Incident management tools.

Out-of-box-integration with Threat Intel sources

Confluera’s built-in integration with Threat Intel Sources allows you to identify compromised workloads showing activity from known threat actors by fusing threat intel detections such as malicious IPs, threat actor groups, exploit CVEs techniques, and geo-location into its storyboards.

Better together with your existing EDR or CWPP

You can start with a detection from your current EDR or CWPP tool and analyze it deeper in Confluera’s threat storyboard with additional context from other security signals. You now see all prior and following activities which are related to the investigated detection. Alternatively, you can start with Confluera’s curated threat storyboards and then move to the EDR or CWPP console for targeted remediation.

Our Values. Their Words.

"None of the solutions in the market could detect breaches in real-time, and more importantly, remove them surgically. With Confluera, we are able to accurately detect and respond to breaches in real-time without impacting our business."

Sean Henry
Sr. MIS Manager

"We are focused on state-of-the-art technologies that can help us detect and thwart ongoing attacks. Confluera allows us to very easily deploy a unique solution that operationalizes our critical infrastructure security"

Richard Cannici
Leading Higher Education Provider

"Confluera helped to confirm that no indicators of compromises had been found and helped us generate a report detailing our security controls and response to the SolarWinds breach."

Intercept Threats. Before Damage.

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