Multi Cloud Visibility & Observability

Confluera provides instant visibility into every workload and its attack surface no matter where it runs ─ your favorite public cloud or your on-prem datacenter. Confluera's patented Continuous Attack Graph technology takes observability to a whole new level with activity stitching and automated storyboarding.
Gain visibility into every workload ─ across public Clouds and on-prem infrastructure

The first step towards comprehensive workload protection is 100% visibility into the workload attack surface across your infrastructure. With Confluera's native integration with AWS, Azure and GCP, you gain instant visibility into each running workload and its attack surface.

Monitor traditional and serverless workloads

Containers may be immutable but aren't immune to run-time attacks. Confluera natively integrates with popular Kubernetes and container infrastructures to discover and monitor every running container. Confluera supports all major Windows and Linux flavors.

Monitor Windows workloads without Agents

Deployment speed matters. Discover and monitor your Windows real estate within minutes using Confluera's integration with Microsoft Windows and Azure without the need for agents or clients.

Track every actor and actions across your infrastructure

Confluera takes a differentiated approach to observability. In addition to tracking system activities for audit and threat hunting purposes, Confluera create a storyboard for every actor and his/her associated actions. Why settle for logs with no context when you can track the actor’s every move?

Track attackers across OS and Cloud control plane

Attackers know that the fastest way to move laterally in a modern Cloud environment is by gaining privileged access to Cloud services. Confluera's Cloud-native observability monitors  the workload plane, data plane, control plane and pre-runtime plane to track the attacker and their activity no matter where they go in your Cloud infrastructure.

Gain custom actionable insights into workload behavior and anomalies

Having deep forensic data is good. Getting actionable insight is better. Being able to customize the level of actional insight is great. With Confluera CxDR, you can customize the level of automatic analysis on anomalous or suspicious activity patterns and the type of insights you should be informed about.

Intercept Threats. Before Damage.

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