Cloud-Native Attack Detection

Attackers know that the fastest way to move laterally in a modern Cloud environment is by gaining privileged access to Cloud services. Confluera's Cloud-native threat storyboarding can track attackers and their activity no matter where they go in your Cloud infrastructure ─ across the workload plane, data plane, control plane and pre-runtime plane.
Observability for Cloud services and control plane

The goal of every organization is to reduce Mean Time to Respond, and do so with Effective Cloud threat detection starts with actionable observability. Confluera CxDR taps into Cloud-native APIs and CloudTrail logs across multiple Cloud accounts to stream events in real-time ─ enabling Cloud-native threat storyboarding, anomaly analysis and proactive threat hunting.

Intercept and remediate attacks in real-time

The goal of every organization is to reduce Mean Time to Respond, and do so with confidence. Confluera not only alerts you to attacks in progress but also provides prioritized recommendations to remediate specific resources such as AMIs, Snapshots, Security Groups, and IAM policies that are part of active campaigns.

Purpose-built detection for Cloud-native threats

Cloud-native attacks are well adapted to the cloud attack surface - they target vulnerable serverless workloads, misconfigured services and loosely defined IAM roles. Confluera CxDR’s behavioral and ML-based detection rules are purpose-built to detect cloud-native attack indicators and benchmarked to MITRE ATT&CK framework’s IaaS and Cloud attack matrices.

Real-time Storyboarding for Cloud - from OS to control plane

Effortlessly visualize attacker movements in real-time as they move around in your modern microservices-based infrastructure. Confluera can connect the dots no matter how stealthily an attacker navigates between the workload OS, the control plane or the data plane.

Lateral movement tracking through role chaining

Attackers leverage the complexity and power of Cloud IAM to masquerade as benign services or to gain privileged roles. Confluera tracks each IAM user’s trail in real time – across multiple role transitions and across extended periods of time.

Combines Signals from other Cloud Security Tools

Confluera CxDR combines signals from other Cloud security tools to deliver the industry’s most complete and accurate Cloud-native XDR solution. Unlike other XDR platforms that integrate with a single vendor’s solutions, Confluera follows a best-of-breed approach, integrating with your security tool of choice.

Intercept Threats. Before Damage.

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