A Paradigm Shift in Cybersecurity

Abhijit Ghosh

In spite of spending large budgets on a plethora of security technologies, enterprises are not able to protect their critical assets from ever-increasing and sophisticated cyberattacks. Today’s attackers blend into the environment, dwell over potentially long periods, and use stealthy techniques to move around the infrastructure. At the same time, enterprise security teams are not able to deterministically track the attacker’s activities and movements. Given the level of noise in a typical enterprise environment, all suspicious actions appear to be unrelated events that are separated in time across multiple hosts.

Clearly, point security solutions with narrow visibility are failing to deliver real security, while analysis based on logs collected from the infrastructure is too little too late. The state of the art in cybersecurity, largely based on probabilistic correlations resulting in a deluge of false positives, requires a paradigm shift to combat modern attacks and help businesses achieve secure digital transformation.

The Confluera Origin Story

I have known Bipul from my undergrad days and we have stayed in touch over the years, discussing technology trends. Our conversations often centered on the cybersecurity market and how the prevailing solutions were failing to address the challenges. Once we decided to take on the cybersecurity market with a uniquely comprehensive approach, Bipul introduced me to his long-time friend, Niloy, from his Oracle days. What came next was hopping around local libraries and cafes in Palo Alto to hone in on the idea. We spoke to a number of security professionals and operations teams to validate our hypothesis and our approach to the market. By this time we had a strong conviction about how our technology can uniquely solve the ever-escalating cybersecurity challenges.

Confluera Co-Founders Bipul Sinha, Abhijit Ghosh, and Niloy Mukherjee (left to right)

Our investor, Ravi Mhatre, has a long background in the cybersecurity space, including SailPoint, ZScaler, and NetSkope. He quickly understood our vision and shared our enthusiasm for the disruptive technology that Confluera would bring to the market. Furthermore, industry luminaries such as John Thompson, Frank Slootman, and Lane Bess, not only validated our thesis but also invested in the company.

We are tremendously proud of our team of rockstars in Palo Alto and Austin who are relentlessly working to build the next transformative cybersecurity company.

Real-time Attack Interception and Defense

We are very excited to introduce our‘Real-time Attack Interception and Defense’ platform that we believe would shift the paradigm for the cybersecurity industry. Our goal is to turn security analysts into cyber defenders by enabling them to accurately track and stop attacks in real-time.

We built our solution based on key insights from sophisticated attacks:

The attack surface is large and hard to defend. Assume the attacker will get in, the solution must stop the attacker already in the infrastructure.
Attacker trips multiple wires across the infrastructure during its progression. Deterministically keep track of activities and movements to identify the attack as a sequence of malicious actions.
Comprehensive visibility into malicious action comes from different security functions. Integrate security results in the context of tracked activity sequences to identify threats.  
The reactive post-incident analysis is ineffective to stop a sophisticated attacker. Deterministically track activities and rank threats in real-time to proactively detect and stop attacks.

Our “Real-time Attack Interception and Defense” platform is a massively scalable distributed data management framework built on top of multimodal security intelligence. Our platform can deterministically track activities, automatically rank threats to surgically stop attacks in real-time, and simplify security operations.

It has been an amazing journey with our stellar team to embark on a mission to protect our customers from cyberattacks that are prevalent today and going to be more complex tomorrow. We are excited about launching our product at BlackHat2019.

To learn more about Confluera, contact us, or visit our product page to discover all the advantages of our platform.

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