Modern Attacks Demand Modern Partnerships

Mukesh Singh
VP Of Sales

The right collaborations and technologies to meet today’s sophisticated attack campaigns

Unfortunately, 2020 was a year to celebrate for cyber attackers. From Microsoft to SolarWinds, last year saw a particularly sharp rise in attack campaigns as hackers took advantage of employees working remotely in less secure environments. After breaking into enterprise systems, these attackers actively explored and mined sensitive data for months on end before getting noticed.

With the deficiencies in skilled cyber security professionals, companies are struggling to effectively respond to these increasingly sophisticated modern attacks. To address this problem, companies require a network of partnerships between security experts who understand what this situation demands. This is a core reason why Confluera has recently announced partnerships with Assured Data ProtectionSYNNEX and TEVORA as we work together to dismantle coordinated attack campaigns.

Rethinking traditional approaches

We’ve selected partners who truly understand that today’s cybersecurity challenges demand rethinking traditional approaches, a philosophy we’ve embraced at Confluera.

Today the average time to secure and detect a cyberattack is over six months. Part of the reason for this lag lies in the industry’s approach to storyboarding, which commonly occurs as part of a post-mortem analysis about how the attack occurred. While enterprise security leaders may gain important knowledge about what happened through this resource-intensive, error-prone, and largely manual process, hackers will spend that time planning their next attack.

But at Confluera, we believe a cyberattack should be diagnosed and remediated in hours, if it happens at all. Instead of having to react to an attack and picking up the pieces for months afterwards, our customers benefit from a real-time storyboarding solution that automatically builds the story of an attack as it happens. So, instead of our customers trying to figure out how to connect the dots, Confluera automatically connects the dots for them, allowing them to stop the attack and prevent the breach.

From always behind to always real time

We believe threat analysis needs to revolve around the cause and effect principle, which states that for every action, there is a reaction. If you detect every action and reaction and accurately stitch them together, you can now create a storyboard of an attack sequence happening right now. It’s something that cannot be achieved with current correlation methods and typical usage of log files. It’s only by connecting the events across hosts and networks in real time — not after the fact — that our industry will meet the demands of the modern cyberattack.

Again and again, Confluera has helped enterprises detect and respond to attacks before they become widespread. Many customers even see results as soon as they implement our solution. For example, shortly after adopting Confluera, an insurance company received alerts that one of their servers had been compromised. Within minutes of leveraging Confluera’s solution, they identified that the attacker and the files that had been deposited originated from an known malicious IP address. The attacker was now in their system and scanning the environment, preparing to repeat the attack to maximize the detonation. The customer was able to intercept the attack, which may have gone undetected without Confluera’s solution in place!

The power of partnership

As the cybersecurity industry faces an unprecedented rise in the number and complexity of attacks, a gap between that acute need and the talent available to meet it is widening. For many, channel partners play a vital role in extending the enterprise’s resources to effectively detect and respond to modern attacks using the latest cybersecurity tools.

To fully realize the benefit of real-time storyboarding and other Confluera innovations, we’re building a partner ecosystem of trusted advisors. We invite you to work closely with our partners to formulate a strategy and identify the approaches that are right for your organization. We believe that working with the right partner could make the difference between spending months trying to diagnose the cause of a breach and stopping it in its tracks after only a few hours.

Intercept Threats. Before Damage.

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