RSA 2020: Is Technology Afflicting ‘The Human Element’?

Gautam Agrawal
VP Of Products

For over three decades, the RSA Conference has brought cybersecurity professionals together to share, learn, and grow. This year’s theme, ‘The Human Element’, inspired by the attendees from previous years, focuses on exploring the critical role of humans in ensuring a safer, and more secure future.

The Questions Are:

Is ‘The Human Element’ in a position to deal with issues of today and tomorrow, by utilizing the tools and methods of yesterday that have shown to be ineffective?

We continue to use the ‘investigate before you respond’ strategy, making our focus to deal with what happened, as opposed to what is happening now. Today’s attackers are winning, since the defenders are not really chasing them, but looking backwards into what they did.

Should 'The Human Element’ be re-imagined to deal with the growing and uncontrollable menace of cyber attacks?

We now live in a world of massive scale of private/public cloud infrastructure, ever expanding apps/services, dynamic workloads, and most importantly the vanishing perimeters around our enterprise networks. And even then, we are still using point solutions that call for ‘The Human Element’ to investigate and prioritize before the response.

At Confluera, we are building a platform that focuses on intercepting cyber attacks before they cause damage. By tracking how attackers move though our infrastructure, we take investigations out for ‘The Human Element’, and equip them with capabilities to fight the attackers.


Come see a live demo where we simulate an Equifax-like breach to show how you, the defender, could watch and stop every move the attacker makes, instead of collecting and piecing together the breadcrumbs they leave behind.

Reserve Your Spot for the Demo, if you don’t like to stand in line. We look forward to seeing ‘The Human Element’ gain an edge at RSA 2020.

Intercept Threats. Before Damage.

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