SecOps: Beyond The COVID-19 Era

Gautam Agrawal
VP Of Products

Within a matter of a few months, the Coronavirus pandemic has crippled nearly every country on the planet. It is fair to assume that most of the world’s population today had not seen such an unprecedented crisis in their lifetime. While it is nerve-wracking, and we are barely coming to terms with our new reality, this too shall pass.

The question is: will life come back to the same normal? Or, given “Coronavirus shutdowns have unintended climate benefits: cleaner air, clearer water”, should we even go back to the same normal? Wouldn’t the planet be better off, if all of us work remotely, and adopt a minimalist lifestyle to minimize our carbon footprints?

If we were to re-define our job functions and the daily workflows, the first thing we need to do is to examine “The 8-Hour Workday”, which did not become a standard by accident. Back in the late 1800s, manufacturing was driving the vast majority of labor schedules. Labor was required at the shop floor, and 8-hour shifts were of decent length to keep the workers safe and healthy. Today, a significant chunk of the labor force is driven by sectors such as tech and finance. Remote work is increasingly common, and most industry sectors have resorted to remote work in this time of crisis. While remote work is keeping us going, it comes with some fundamental differences over the 8-hour workdays. 1) Blended Workdays: No matter how disciplined an individual may be, it is nearly impossible to be at home, and work the 8 hours straight. Most people blend their professional and personal work, when they ‘work from home’. 2) Constant Distractions: Home is where family is, and families operate in a manner opposite to professional environments. Your parents, spouse, kids, and even friends don’t ask for your availability and set up meetings to discuss a subject. They just do it at the moment, whenever they see you around. If we agree that there will be a major shift towards remote work in the post-COVID-19 era, we must realize that all our systems will need to evolve and enhance the workflows for users who will be constantly distracted.

In case of SecOps, where teams have to constantly monitor and investigate security threats, blended workdays and constant distractions will lead to increased risks. Hence, it becomes even more critical that security solutions provide a means to continuously capture the full security context as an attack progresses through the enterprise infrastructure, in an automated way.

At Confluera, we introduced the industry's first Autonomous Detection & Response platform that not only detects and responds to modern cyberattacks, but also tracks the stealthy ones that start to spread slowly and then wreak havoc exponentially throughout the enterprise infrastructure. Our platform ushers SecOps teams into a new era of ‘autonomous security’ by allowing:

  • Complete Cyber Kill Chain Tracking, and not just individual detections that lead to alert fatigue plaguing almost every enterprise security operations center;
  • Continuous Storyboarding of cyber attacks as they progress through the enterprise infrastructure, as opposed to manual investigations based on correlational analysis of security events; and
  • Immediate Response capabilities to stop attackers before they infiltrate the critical assets as opposed to post-facto analysis of a data breach.

These capabilities redefine the enterprise security workflows by enabling a broad range of autonomous features that keep track of an ongoing attack, so SecOps team can focus on mitigation, even with distractions.

As the world fights the largest pandemic of modern times, we salute all the healthcare experts that are helping save lives, and we also salute the security teams who are fighting the new risks evolving from increasingly distributed and remote workforce. Let’s fight this crisis together and let us help your security teams with new challenges of detection and response. As our commitment to the community, we are offering our platform for 90 days at no cost. Please contact us and let us know if you would like to discuss the possibilities.

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