Confluera XDR 2.0 Revolutionizes Detection and Response for Cloud Workloads

Confluera XDR 2.0 Revolutionizes Detection and Response for Cloud Workloads

Industry-first Product Innovation Ensures Advanced Autonomous Detection and Response
Capabilities to Protect Cloud Infrastructure

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Confluera today announced Confluera 2.0 which includes new features and capabilities that will address evolving customer needs as they battle cyberattack amid the current volatile security environment. Confluera XDR delivers a purpose-built cloud workload detection and response solution with the unique ability to deterministically track threats progressing through the environment. Confluera holistically integrates security signals from the environment to provide a complete attack narrative of a cyberattack in real-time, as opposed to showing isolated alerts. With Confluera, security teams can intercept threats as they are happening instead of remediating breaches after the fact.

“Our recent product upgrades deliver essential features and updates to keep pace with the ever-evolving threat landscape, while providing customers with rapid and long-term ROI,” said Abhijit Ghosh, Co-founder and CEO of Confluera. “With Confluera 2.0, enterprise workloads are now protected with an advanced level of security to detect and respond to threats in real-time beyond the traditional endpoints.”

While EDRs have evolved and moved to behavioral analysis, modern attacks are rarely limited to endpoints. SIEMs promised to create an infrastructure wide visibility, using correlation, but have failed to provide a cohesive view of attacks brewing in the infrastructure, and more so in real-time.

New capabilities Confluera 2.0 bring include:

  • Enhanced workflow for tracking response recommendations and mitigation actions 
  • Expanded set of behavioral rules, and machine learned anomaly detections for Windows, Linux, and containerized workloads running on bare metal, VMs, or Cloud.
  • Deep visibility into container run-time telemetry, and popular container escapes and exploit detections.
  • Workload and infrastructure level security insights on activities such as external connections, system logons, program executions, and more.
  • Next-generation threat hunting capability that delivers the entire context around an artifact being searched

For the full set of capabilities, please refer to the Confluera 2.0 blog.

“ESG research indicates that 84% of organizations are actively integrating security solutions that amount to XDR capabilities,” said Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst at ESG. “It is clear that enterprise security teams could benefit by working with  a single XDR such as Confluera.”

About Confluera

Confluera XDR automates cloud and data center infrastructure breach detection and response by sequencing attack steps along the kill chain, automatically identifying and preventing multi-stage attacks. Confluera is Co-Founded by Abhijit Ghosh, Niloy Mukherjee, and Bipul Sinha. Ghosh has a background in networking, security and real-time systems, Mukherjee’s background is in distributed computing, operational analytics, and artificial intelligence, and Sinha is the Co-Founder & CEO of Rubrik. For more information, visit

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