General Availability (GA) Announcement - Confluera Autonomous Detection & Response Platform Release 1.0

Bringing Autonomous Detection & Response to Enterprise Security.


Confluera Inc., the real-time cybersecurity company, today announced the General Availability of Confluera 1.0, the industry's first Autonomous Detection & Response platform to deterministically detect and stop attackers navigating your infrastructure

In spite of aggregate spending exceeding $33 billion on network & infrastructure security, 77% enterprises are anticipating a critical infrastructure breach in the near future. Security teams around the world are struggling to defend their organizations as the current security paradigm revolves around remediating data breaches post-damage. The Confluera platform ushers cyber defenders into the new era of attack interception by allowing:

  • Complete Cyber Kill Chain Tracking, and not just individual detections that lead to alert fatigue plaguing almost every enterprise security operations center;
  • Deterministic and Continuous Storyboarding of cyber attacks as they progress through the enterprise infrastructure, as opposed to manual investigations based on correlational analysis of security events; and
  • Immediate Response capabilities to stop attackers before they infiltrate the critical enterprise assets as opposed to post-facto analysis of a data breach.

The Confluera platform delivers easy to understand attack campaign stories in the form of attack progressions that are prioritized automatically based on associated risk scores, along with suggestions for response and remediation, which are fully actionable. The stories themselves contain the sequence of tactics and techniques (refer to MITRE ATT&CK) used by the adversaries in order to gain deeper and wider access to the enterprise infrastructure. This marks the beginning of an era in cybersecurity space where manual threat hunting and correlations are replaced by deterministic and autonomous tracking of the attacker’s intent and progress.

The Confluera platform is underpinned by patent-pending ‘Continuous Attack Graph’ technology to identify an attack progression in real-time. The technology allows for causal sequencing of attacker’s activities in real-time and eliminates the correlational guesswork that is typical of solutions based on searching through event data lakes. These attack sequences are scored and ranked to conclusively intercept ongoing attacks.

“No matter how much automation is applied to identify attacks via data lake strategies, the fact remains that such analyses result in providing visibility into what an attacker has done, and not what he/she is doing, thereby eliminating any possibility of intercepting the attack” says Confluera VP of Products, Gautam Agrawal. “We are fundamentally shifting the focus of security teams towards interception and defense, as opposed to post-breach remediation”.

To learn more about the benefits of Autonomous Detection and Response, please read our announcement blog, and sign up for a personalized demo on our website.

About Confluera

Confluera’s mission is to redefine the security paradigm by introducing autonomous detection and response capabilities to deal with modern cyberattacks. Confluera aims to turn security analysts into cyber defenders by enabling them to stop breaches in their tracks. Confluera is Co-Founded by Abhijit Ghosh, Niloy Mukherjee, and Bipul Sinha. Ghosh is the CEO and has a background in networking, security and real-time systems, Mukherjee is the Chief Architect and has a background in distributed computing, operational analytics, and artificial intelligence, and Sinha is the Co-Founder & CEO of Rubrik. For more information, please visit

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