Roysons Taps Confluera to Secure Company’s Business-Critical Infrastructure

PALO ALTO, Calif. – May 27, 2021 – Confluera, the leading provider of next-generation cloud detection and response, announced today that Roysons, provider of unsurpassed printing and laminating services worldwide, has deployed the Confluera platform to secure its business-critical IT infrastructure, systems and data. Roysons deployed Confluera to help detect and prevent attackers from navigating through its network.

“Prior to implementing the Confluera platform, one of the biggest challenges for our security and IT teams was trying to manually manage, track and respond to all suspicious activity alerts we received daily, many of which turned out to be false positives,” said Vipul Bosmiya, Director of Supply Chain & IT at Roysons. “Confluera helps us automate this process by storyboarding alerts and highlighting important remediation efforts, along with providing detailed how-to remediation insights. Confluera essentially acts as a powerful watchdog over all of our critical business systems.”

Confluera’s ML-powered technology helps Roysons identify and track events across all MITRE ATT&CK tactics, including reconnaissance, discovery, and east-west traffic in real-time. Using Continuous Attack Graph technology, Confluera stitches together individual events into real-time threat storyboards as they unfold, giving Roysons full visibility into any attack progressions, reducing detection and remediation times from days to hours.

“Security analysts spend the bulk of their investigation efforts correlating events across multiple systems and tools, a task that is very error-prone, laborious and time-consuming,” said John Morgan, CEO at Confluera. “The resulting outcomes often have false alarms and are available too late to take any preventative actions. Confluera helps companies like Roysons connect the dots to surface actual threats progressing through their workloads and take preventative actions before it’s too late.” To learn more about Confluera, please visit:

About Confluera

Confluera is the leading provider of next-generation cloud detection and response. Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 20 Cybersecurity Startups to Watch in 2021, Confluera is the only vendor that offers real-time sequencing of various attack steps found in modern cyberattacks. Confluera’s patented machine learning technology automates the tedious and error-prone task of correlating events, removes the complexity of manual analysis of multiple systems, and provides a high degree of detection accuracy not previously possible. To learn more about Confluera’s award-winning solution, visit

About Roysons

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